Seriously. After a week of working out and trying to eat well I have gained back 2.5 pounds.
I'm actually paying attention to what's going into my body, remembering to eat snacks and work out and drink lots of water instead of subsisting on coffee and crackers and cheese and this is what I get?

Boo to you my dear bottom.
Boo diddley boo.

Guess I'll have to be more hard core with food next week. Sure I ate more fruit this week, but seriously. I thought I was trying to keep an eye on comfort eating and did rather well? I can't even imagine where I'd be if I had just let her rip and done whatever. Yes I did eat a bunch of pizza last night for supper (mmm) and I'm hoping that is a major reason and I jsut need to level off a bit or something.
This will teach me to weigh myself before monday.
Here's hoping it goes back down again...



Marste said...

Yay! for weekend check-ins!

Dude, the gain is TOTALLY from the pizza. Salt. Central. Just eat well tomorrow, drink LOADS of water, and all should be well.

Hang in there. I'm still thinking of you. *hugs*

Sagan said...

I definitely find that if I eat something like pizza later on in the evening, my weight is higher the next morning; if I haven't eaten for hours before I go to bed (for example, if the last thing I eat is around 5pm), I suddenly weigh a few pounds less the next morning. Funny the way our bodies/the scale works!

Charlotte said...

First - I'm right there with ya! Busted my butt working out this week, logged every cal and... up 1.5 pounds! Ta-da! SO frustrating.

Second - Marste and Sagan are probably right. I'm guessing once all the salt is out of your system you'll go back down again!