Confucious say: person who can’t throw food away doesn’t mind it going to waist.

Friday is here.
Yesterday was nice actually...spent some time with Dad.
Today is run around and get electrical permits (grrr...$200 stupid dollars...grr...) for all the work Dad is going to do in our kitchen and electrical and then tomorrow is buy all the stuff we're putting in our kitchen over the next while. There's a home reno tax credit that only applies to materials bought up until the end of tomorrow. Heh...I forgot and left it as we were going to do all this in December before Mom got very sick-so I'm going to run about to get all the materials tomorrow to meet the deadline. Seeing as we're going to do all the work anyways, we might as well get the 15% back from all the materials. Yeah. Why not?
This weekend (even tho I should really be working on my MSc) I will be doing all that and then packing up my whole kitchen, and making a makeshift kitchen in the living room so Dad can start all the electrical, plumbing and tiling and all that jazz in our kitchen. The gas dude will run the line for my new (meep) gas stove and then we'll put it all back together with a new countertop, tile backsplash, faucet and range hood.
So...kitchenless for a few weeks...should be interesting, but it's been a long wait so I'm glad to be finally at it. I'm thinking that between my microwave, toaster oven, electric wok, slowcooker(and if I must, camping stove) we can get by until things are back together. It's been a LONG time coming. Bring it on.
It's nice to have something to look forward to. Hopefully it all comes in at budget. The permit cost was a bit of a surprise, but Dad decided to add a subpanel because our box is full, and doing a bunch of rewiring means a lot of other I like having functional house insurance, so what can ya do? I'm just glad Dad can do all the labour for us, with us as his assistants/slaves...

I must be off to work...then the weekend comes.
It's Dad's birthday so we're taking him out for a steak.
AND my knee is bazillions better today. Stiff and clicky but no pain (yet) today. It may be really on the mend. (oh please oh please)

Later taters. Have a good weekend.

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