Monday - so it begins

Well, I have successfully relocated my kitchen into my living room for a bit. On the weekend we spent too much money at Rona getting all the stuff we need to start redoing the kitchen. I'm hoping the gas install isn't too much today, as after that, with any luck it will just be paying the inspectors to come check out all the work. I think they sold us the wrong electrical permit, but I'm sure the inspector will let us know if we need more...I've never done stuff on a level that requires a permit before. It's exciting that it's finally happening. It's given Dad something to focus on and do, so he's been a bit more level too. I'm so glad he can do the work for's a lot of work and it would cost a lot to pay someone to do it. We just have to feed him and give him lots of hugs when he's feeling mopey. He's still having a hard time of things - it's hard to see him so sad when he has spells of sadness, but he's been there for me so many times - now it's my turn. I've got lots of hugs :)

A huge plus is that my knee doesn't hurt anymore. It's a tiny bit stiff yet, so I'm giving it a few more days before I workout again, but it's nice to be pain free and not need to be concerned about wrenching it when I turn to quickly. I also am back to 133, so I'm almost back the 132 I was before christmas food insanity came along. It's all coming together slowly slowly...
So, we shall see how today goes. I'm excited about everything and I hope it won't be too crazy having my kitchen in the living room. Thankfully I'll get to keep using my stove for a while yet, so it won't be too weird for a while.

HAve a good day OK?

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