Day 6: much better

Well today went much better. I was up at the right time (check and rechecked the clock this time!) and I worked out to my ball DVD, and have had a yummy breakfast. Oatmeal and blueberries. Yum yum yum.
Plus, I do believe I may actually be done editing my MSc proposal (finally...who knew you could edit something so many times. It's much better for it, but I've no patience for editing...and one of mys supervisors is a stickler for grammar. Fun fun fun!). Tonight I get to hang out with my friend Heather who I never get so see because of her shift work. We don't have any grand plans...just catching up on a whole month of missed time. I can't wait...
On the plus side, I had my first weekly scale weigh in ages...I was good and didn't step on before I said I would. We have a cheapy old scale so I *think* I am down at least a half pound, but it will take another month to be sure...the needle is definitely below 134 now...more in between 134 and 133 and sort of touching 133. So I'm "<134." Woo! Going down is all I'd hoped for. It may take another week or so to see for sure. Encouraging. Definitely.
Have a great day K? :)

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Scrumpy said...

Congrats on the needle move!