Day 16: crazy day

Whew! What a day.
Seeing as I was up until midnight working on my talk for my first MSc committee meeting last night, I slept in a bit but still got up to do my exercise ball DVD again. It was took the edge off a bit.
Today I had an experiment to do PLUS my MSc presentation and a lunch meeting...and cleaning up from the lab tetris. It all went well. My talk was good. It's funny how I can be so shy and yet talking and speaking on a research topic to 7 people doesn't even make me blink. Odd...but I'm glad for that...makes the whole process less stress.

I got home to a house full of parental units. Mom and Dad are here for a few days. Visited with them and even got to sew a bit with my Mum to help a friend finish up a gift she started for her grandma but didn't know how to finish. It was nice to just do stuff with Mom.
It's nice to see Mum and Dad. I had a good talk with my Dad while Mum napped. He's hanging in there...She's really slowed down, and has a real coughing problem sometimes. I'm glad she's "OK" but she'll never be like she was before...I think she'll be slowed down. A lot. It's weird to see. She is better in some ways than I had imagined...and worse in others...but still Mum. She's tired, but still her. I'm glad...I still have her here. For now that is enough.
I'm just glad to be able to visit with them a bit...
And now...finally...sleepytime.

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