Day 15: Ole

Well, last night went well. I had supper out, but I stuck to a steak and salad and diet coke with lime...and 2 spoons of iced cream and a shot of Baileys....and WAY too much coffee :). Pretty good all things considered. It was my favourite mexican restaurant with a huge selection of import beer...and I managed to resist. It was a fun evening with good people, so I didn't miss it...and I'm starting to find healthy menu things at my favourite restaurants that I love...who would have thought?

My stomach has been bothering me off and on lately. I don't know if my vitamin B12 is low again or what, but I'm trying not to eat too much and really keep to healthy stuff, as it makes my innards much happier. Maybe it's stress...don't know. I'm taking vitamins again as of this week, as I know I get this when my B12 is low. I'm hoping that gives me the kick I need. Nothing says holiday relaxing like stomach gas and cramps. Fun fun...on the plus side, it amplifies the blech feeling I get when I eat crappy foods and removes the whole munching urge...still not worth it in my mind.
This morning I did my ball DVD and relaxed with the cats and had a nice breakfast of (surprise surprise) oatmeal and blueberries. Today I get to hang out with my brother and his wife. His exchange student is going back to Japan next week, so I've gotten her a gorgeous black and red hipscarf with red gold and silver coins and beads...she's been curious about bellydancing and they don't do it much there. Her favourite colour is red. I thought it would be a nice Christmas gift and not take up too much space in her luggage :) It's always sad when their students go home right before Christmas...every January they get a new student. Every one is so unique and distinctly different. I'm so curious to meet their new student, but will be sad to see Yukiho go home - she's so incredibly kind and happy :).

I must be off. We are playing tetris in one of the labs trying to get a biosafety cabinet to fit against the far wall and trying to arrange and move it around all the protruding lab benches. It's about 2 inches too long - I'm hoping the pro movers can fit it back there. It's turned the lab into a gong show and we need to get it in place. Sure it could go back where it was but that's like giving up. :) I'm giving it one more solid tetris try today to see if we can fit it in. Our one tech is VERY pregnant and she cant use it where It is...she can't fit in there. It's funny, but not for we're trying to fix things for her. We'll see how it goes...

Gotta go. Have a good day!


KefirGirl said…
mmm...Bailey's and ice cream sounds delish!
Marste said…
I hear you on the stomach upsets. After a few of them, eating certain foods really becomes a mental exercise in guaging whether or not the upset is worth the payoff of the food.

Most times . . . nahhh, it's really not.

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