Day 14: Brrr...

I found it rather hard to believe, but this AM I weighed in and the needle was between 131 and 132. Cool! Seeing as I went out saturday night for a few beer and I nibbled some natchos, I sort of expected nothing...but hey! I'll take it! Cool! I have been good otherwise, so I guess it all balanced out.

This AM I was up and did 40 minutes on the elliptical plus a cool down. I almost made the whole time with resistance 2, but switched back and for the the last 10 minutes...still burned 525 calories. Not too shabby.
I made some insanely good pumpkin curry soup on the weekend...I had a pumpkin I'd bought to carve on Halloween but never did, so it became some muffins and some soup. The soup was deadly good and really healthy, so some potato bread (thanks bread robot) and pumpkin soup were yesterday's and today's main food. It's been stupidly cold here (-44 with the wind) so I've worked on my sewing for gifts and I am trying to finish off my MSc talk I have to give Wednesday. It's getting there...I have a bit more time to tweak it so it should be good. I haven't given a talk in years...

I'm going out for dinner tonight, but I will be very good. No beer (sniff) and healthyish meal. I'm excited that I might actually make it to 130 by Christmas.

Mee hee.
Have a good day everybody!


Charlotte said…
Congrats on the weigh-in!! Now if you could kindly send some vibes my way, I have a bunch of baby weight to lose;)
That pumpkin soup sounds both very healthy and quite fantastic!

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