Day 13: Nitty Gritty

I love this song...the whole album is funky funky stuff...makes you want to shake your groove thing. It's in one of my workout mixes on the old iPod.

I'm in a great mood. After the furnace adventure things have gone rather well. I am officially a graduate student. My Mum is home from the hospital (and she loved the big poinsetta I sent her) and last night at bellydance class we did lots of zills and hip drills and I got to balance my very own sword on my head for a while :) Yippedee!
I got up this morning, after a snooze button or two and did my ball DVD and had a good breakfast. The cool thing about it was as I was drying my hair after a shower I noticed something - you know the top front part of your shoulders? Yeah, I have *muscles* there. Noticable pronounced muscles. When did that happen! I haven't had muscles there in a hee. I literally stopped and stared and started moving my arms around a bit and flexing my arms. It's so cool! I haven't had muscles there in a long time. It was all I could do to not go and wake J up to make hom look at my shoulders...but I figured that'd be mean :)
So yeah. It's a good day really. I am quite happy. My parents are going to come visit next week for a few days. Mum still ahs lots of doctor's appointments over the next few weeks, so Dad is going to come up in January and do the renos then. No biggie. It'll be nice to have a visit with them.
I'm looking forward to a weekend of sewing and relaxing...yeah yeah. Have a great weekend!


Marste said...

Hooray! Congratulations on muscles, and being a grad student - and ESPECIALLY on not freezing to death! ;)

Tom Bailey said...

That is a good place to have some muscle because it is very prone to injury.

Home workouts are often not given as much credit as they should ... they do work.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

Charlotte said...

Yay for being a grad student! Yay for new muscles!! And double yay for having your mum home!!!