Day 12: creaky me

Last night I spent the evening on the living room floor cutting out fabric for 3 bunny hug patterns that I'm sewing as gifts for my 3 nieces this Christmas. They're pretty simple, so they won't take too long to sew, and once I got into a groove, I figured I'd cut everything out so that I would be able to sew at them whenever I had time. I have 1 a week to do until Christmas. Hopefully they'll be done with time to spare and it won't be a late night Christmas eve sewing fest (like last year...*cough*). We're doing Christmas on a low scale this year, so homemade things for the girls suits the time. I like it better too...more thought and heart.
When you spend 4 hours bent over on your knees your back gets sore. Go figure! At the end I just laid down on the floor for a bit to let my back relax. I'm fine this morning, so no harm done, but I was so intent on what I was doing I didn't think about getting stiff. I'll have to set a timer for breaks next time I do that sort of thing...I felt very old for a while.
I got up this morning to work out but I was tired. I did it though, I'm proud of that. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical at 15% incline and went back and forth from resistance 1 to 2 until I sort of hit a groove at the the last ten minutes and finished off at 2. Then I did 4 minutes of cool down. My mind kept wandering so the extra resistance helped me focus.
My Mum is still in the hospital after a week in for diagnosis and tests and they're still trying to find a medication to help her weak old heart out a bit, so I admit I'm a little preoccupied. I finally have a phone number for her so I can call her today. Dad says she's bored, as she was hoping to be out on monday...she has a great doctor who doesn't want to let her go until they've tried all they can. I just hope they can find something to help her, otherwise she'll be a much much slow er lady than before, and she's already slowed down a lot. She's done addressing all her Christmas letters and is now looking for something to do to keep alert. I bet she's crocheting up a storm as we speak.
It's a catch 22 really - you have a defective heart valve and a flutter so you take medication to strengthen your heart and thin your blood to help your heart beat stronger and faster to compensate...and then your heart gets tired from all that extra work after years and years. A few years ago Mum's heart started to tire out from all the extra work and those meds didn't work very well anymore. I just don't want to think about the fact that perhaps her heart has just gotten tired and from all those years of extra work, so it just can't beat like it used to anymore. This may be "her" now from now on. Doctor's aren't magicians. My Grandma had the same problems when she got old...I guess we'll see. She's still in good spirits, altho frustrated and getting bored. I'm sending her happy thoughts. Dad is keeping himself well and he is concerned, but there's nothing either of us can do really. If I was closer I'd visit, but they're too far away. They won't be coming up tomorrow as planned, which is too bad. I'm still hoping they'll be up for Christmas...Dad keeps apologizing about the renos being delayed. Phah. The renos can wait...

I do think I will send her flowers today though. She'll like that...

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Scrumpy said...

My thoughts will be with you and your mom. Hospital time is NO FUN!