Day 11: frosty day

It's another cold day today - what a change from last week! -34. Brrrr.
I got up to a chilly house today to do my exercise ball DVD workout. I actually counted the "on-the-ball" push ups I did in the workout: 38! Split up into two 1 minute intervals, and with my body up on the exercise ball, with the ball at about mid thigh, but still! Woot!
I had a happy weigh in this AM. I stepped on the scale (once before and once after the workout just to make sure it was real) and the bouncy needle is now between 122 and 123! Me hee! Slowly but surely. I'm particularly pleased, as even though I've been good with workouts and generally eating well this week I have had some munchables, and a night out. Plus it's PMS time...I was sure I'd be holding some water in me too...not too shabby. There has been a beer here and there and little extras like a warm glass of hot chocolate last night before bed. And still it goes down! Mee hee. Made me's good to see the diligence counting for something.

I'm inspired to keep at it. It'll be hard as this week is "all my bosses take me out for nice lunches week". As a bonus, I haven't had my expected monthly PMS attack of the munchies yet. Perhaps this will be one of the good months where I don't want to eat everything I see for a few days. Especially around all the buffet tables :) Here's hoping...
Gotta keep at it. I have 2 and a half weeks to lose 2 and a half pounds...I'm curious to see if I can do it, especially around holiday time.
We shall see my little pretties. We shall see...


Tricia said...

Good luck with your goals!

Tom Bailey said...

The lunch part stuck out to me because I overeat at lunch I am not trying to gain or lose weight but my energy levels get shot for the rest of the day if I eat poorly at lunch. The only way I work around it is drinking a ton of water so that I do not eat too much at buffetts... I am the boss and that is where my people like to eat.

You have a great mindset to hit goals. I like the goal a month idea and the small goals. Well these are things that work for me... big goals are great for direction for me but the smaller goals and hitting them along the way really works for me better.

Keep it up!