The whole is merely a sum of all it's parts

The wheel went kaplooey (highly technical sciency term) on our elliptical.
Boo. It's an easy fix...but we just have to get the wheel part...which of course noone stocks, but we can order in. J, who wants to work out still, is determined to use it even with the wonky wheel...which hopefully won't screw it up any more than it is now...The part broken is the wheels on the bottom front that look like giant rollerblade wheels. Luckily I can get a new set thru where we bought it from in a that should get us back on track soon. My J is most cranky when he can't work out. He just can't get into walking or running outside, but loves this, so hey. I'll do whatever I can to get it fixed...

On another topic: we're quite pumped, as a few days ago we envisioned a little workout area in our basement down my my craft room and now are itching to get at making it happen. We have to get rid of our old washer and dryer first (anyone? They're free-seriously come on over...) and redo some storage shelves and then I can make some floor to ceiling curtains for to hide them and make it look neat and uncluttered. That will leave a little workout area at the foot of the stairs, which we have even daydreamed about running stereo speakers to and then moving the elliptical and other kit into. Right now the elliptical is in the middle of our downstairs living room...which works, but we're currently revamping the back part of it (which was our office) to make it into J's studio area for him to work in now that the office is upstairs. We couldn't figure out where else to put it. It will be a bit of hardcore moving/reorganising, but it will be cool to have a little area where we can leave out the elliptical, my weights and all that jazz. A little workout area. Cool. Does that make us more fit somehow, just by being in that room? :)
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I've gotta say - this getting organised thing is pretty awesome. We still have a long way to go, but we're getting there bit by bit. Painting the house sort of high jacked that for a little while, as the weather finally was warm and dry for the first time all summer so we had to make it priority to get it done, but now that it's done, it's back to Operation Organise. I'm hoping to have our areas done and set up for winter so we can hibernate and really use the spaces in our house that aren't being used to their full potential.
Exciting times...if we can actually do all we're thinking of, it'll be neat. It won't cost us too will just take time and effort. But someday...whoo!

On the plus side, I'm happy to say we have totally finished painting our house.
Mehee! All I need to do is put the smiling metal sun (purple!) on the front of the house and hang our mailbox back up.
It really looks great. As there's always something, our yard itself is rather neglected, so it will be a weekend of yard work -the vines in our front yard have shed their now instead of a gorgeous green front yard you can just see all the weeds that were hidden under them. (Ugh...I loves me my weeding...not), It's nice making our home better. It's exhausting but utterly fulfilling to sit back at the end of the day with a beer in hand and survey our domain and think "Yeah! WE did that!"


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Crabby McSlacker said...

Yay, congrats on finishing the painting, that was a lot of work! And I bet you saved a fortune by doing it yourselves.

And a workout area sounds great!