Well...we are 95% done our house painting.
Yup - we did it! One 12 hour day of prep and scrape and fill and prime and 2 hardcore days of painting while teetering on scaffolding and ladders and all that's left is a bit of trim for me to finish up this afternoon. I'm taking the afternoon off...just so it is finished. I don't know how long the weather will hold, so I want it done...

And you know what? If I may brag a bit I must say - it looks AWESOME. We changed our minds on colour right before we went to get the paint so instead of grey with red trim/accents our house is now darker grey and purple. PURPLE!
The grey is totally finished and tbe front door is already done a nice deep purple and we have 1 coat on the accent parts of the front, the mailbox and the metal sun for the front of the house. Only about an hour's work on the purple and we'll be done...

I ache all over and I could have gone to bed last night right after supper, but we did it :) It was exhausting, but so very very worth it.
Yay for us!


Donn said...

Good for you!
It is a big job and most people have no idea how time consuming it is.
I think that it's fun to change the colour...way to go!

Scrumpy said...

How nice to complete such a huge task!