Soggy yet satisfying

The world is not interested in my getting back at walking in the was POURING with thunder this morning, so I didn't go out walking. Wimped out...Yes, I caved and slept in. Bad I know, but I was exhausted and stiff from attacking the yard all weekend. My hamstrings are still quite stiff. I did have a good breakfast though and have a chef's salad packed for lunch to try and assuage my guilt a bit...every little bit helps I suppose. I did bike to work though, even in the rain. I pedalled hard and fast and got to work very wet, but feeling much more awake and alert. I brought a change of clothes with me, so other than a slightly damp hairdo I'm good to go.

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I believe it's going to rain tomorrow too so I will dig out my dance fusion DVD and give it a go in the morning- it's been a while, but I need it. I need to plan for rain or I just roll over and go back to bed for half an hour. I'm feeling up to doing more than biking now...that will be a good way to start. Bellydancing doesn't start until later this week (I'm looking at "real" lessons once a week this year to learn more). I'm trying to find a balance this winter between that and the other things I want to get done. Last winter I felt hectic and rushed and didn't get as much done at home as I'd have I'm trying to find balance this fall...figure out what I really need and going with that. I learned a lot and felt great, but I need to look at all of me, not just the physical.

I'm itching to use my craft room to build a couple of glass panels for the kitchen, so I need to get working at it. As a plus, I'm happy to say I am a bit closer to setting up my exercise area - I posted my old washer and dryer to give away on kijiji and a single mom with 3 kids is going to arrange to come and get them...she's coming to take them away on tuesday - I'm glad to know they'll be used by someone who needs them...and out of my basement :) Crossing my fingers she shows up...

Must get at it. Later taters...

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