Inanimate object 1, Geo 0

Due to an argument with my old washing machine I didn't workout this AM. I was trying to be nice to the people coming to get my old washer and dryer and J and I tried to take it up into the yard for them.
Har de har.

Yeah, did you know washing machines are retardedly heavy?
Yup. It's true.
We got it up a few steps from the subbasement and it is sitting in our main basement on a slightly scuffed floor (grrr) and then after many choice words we gave up, strained and angry. I called the lady recieving it and told her to bring 3 burly men with her as we couldn't lift it out for her and if she wanted it she'd just have to get them out of our basement. She will, thank god...
What an annoying evening...


Scrumpy said…
Those things are frekain' heavy!
Geosomin said…
They're gone!
Hot damn and hallelujah!

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