I'm melting...

I've discovered a new weightlloss trick - go to a concert indoors with 400 people on a day when it is 32 degrees out and 90% humidity. Whew.
I'm sure I sweated off 5 pounds by the time the Franz Ferdinand concert was over last night. I was actually somewhat queasy by the end of it all...blech.

But was it worth it?

Yes...it was a great show...
I plan on continuing my sweating it off regimen over the weekend with painting like a nutter. It is supposed to be so hot that I'm planning on getting up super early and then doing indoor stuff during the really hot hours and then finishing up in the evenings.
With any luck I'll get my painting done...I'll try not to melt :)

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HaleyBird said...

Oooo... jealous. Love FF!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate woman.