Just call me Cuban Pete...

I noticed something this weekend while away dancing my ass off at a music festival: How I dance to some music has changed since I've gotten more physically active...
Since starting up running I find that often when I'm really into music I will dance around the room...sort of combining the whole dance and run thing. Part of why I like running so much is because it combines the whole "this music makes me want to MOVE!" thing with fitness without causing the men in white coats to come by my yard and take me in for dancing around the yard every morning for 35 minutes :). I also tend to bust out the shimmies and hip circles without thinking...bellydancing is sneaking in there too.

My knee has been very happy lately so starting tomorrow I will begin some speed walking in the morning - 45 minutes hopefully. Then I'll add runny bits here and there in a few weeks if all goes well. Hopefully my knee will be happy with this. And yes, I have a very good excuse as to why I didn't this morning. It's my husband's birthday so I got up early to make him blueberry lemon scones for breakfast before I took off to work. They are yummy.

Yeah. It's like that! ;)


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