Another healthy option!

I'm so pumped -my brother got me a potato ricer.
I *love* riced potatoes. My Mum used to make them as a treat for my Dad (he loves them too). I find it so fresh and yummy and way healthier than mashed just boil the potato until it's just soft and skoosh it through the ricer. It makes soft fluffy healthy potatoes tidbits. You can have them plain or ...I love to add some peas and a bit of pepper...yummy. You can even do sweet potatoes or other veggies with them. Even use it for fruit or to make chutney. Yum.
I've looked for a ricer for years, but they were more of a thing in the 50s and 60s when people used them to make perfect lump free mashed potatoes for guests (god forbid there were lumps -how people would talk!). I've never seen one to buy...and believe me I've looked. As someone who owns a twinkie making kit and all manner of kitchen tools, I likes me my kitchen tools.
I'm glad he thought to get it when he saw it - he's a cool guy that way.

So guess what's for supper? Healthy food that's tasty. Gotta love it :)

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