Breakfasts and bedtimes...

Breakfast is always an issue with me...when I first wake up I'm honestly not hungry. If I eat I get a bit nauseous ,but if I leave it too long then by the time lunch comes I'm ravenous and I eat too much. If I have breakfast I'm more alert and I seem to have a clearer head. I'm often forced to work thru coffee breaks at my job (labwork does not always conveniently break for coffee) so I struggle to start off with breakfast. I know I should and have tried to every day for the past while.

Since the whole knee buggery fiasco I've gotten up at relatively the same time as I'd workout and spent time with myself (OK and the cats) and started my day off with coffee and relaxing...the odd bit of house stuff and planning my day and some breakfast. When I'm not rushed and have time to wake up I find I can enjoy a nice breakfast of yogurt and granola or hot oatmeal or some cereal...I like it. The days I miss it now I'm cranky and hungry and feel rushed, so it's here to stay. Turns out all those health people weren't wrong after all!

The problem I'm having now is I need to get back to my morning workouts now that my knee has been good for my enforced workout hiatus...and I don't quite know how to fit it all it and still get enough sleep and not feel rushed. I'm struggling with how fit it all into my daily life. Luckily my husband works stupidly early and so he goes to bed, quite often ,very early. Usually I use that time to do boring chores and other stuff, but I'm starting to think it might not be a bad idea to pare an hour off the end of my day and go to bed earlier...cuz then I can get *up* earlier...and then my time problem is solved...sort of. I'm not a morning person by any stretch of the means, but I'm beginning to understand why people like my friend Cindi have "me time" in the mornings...time to think and get ready for a day before the family and life start up. My runs and workouts used to be that for me...and I need to figure out how to fit that all back in again. I had it working before summer and all this started. That seems like years ago. I'm still active, walking lots and biking to work, but I need that extra oomph I get from working out...makes me a happier shinier person....and so I'm going to have to figure that all out. Simply sleeping in isn't really doing anything for me (other than not feeling tired for the first time in ages...which is nice, but not quite what I'm after)
So I'm open for suggestions. How do you folks do it? Morning workouts? After work? How do you fit it into your day. Any advice would be appreciated :)

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