Good times

I had a great weekend at the lake...even tho it rained saturday morning (complete with thunder and the whole bit) by the evening it was clearing up with a lake as calm as glass. We went for a few hikes once the rain stopped and then went out for a nice 2 hour canoe ride after supper (BBQ steak...mmm...). When we got back it was time for the last of the peach pie...YUM :)
Sunday it was gorgeous out so we got in a fishing trip (we all caught our limits!) and some swimming in the lake. The lake was very cold, but we were quite stubborn and swam for about half an hour after which we came in teeth chattering for some rum and coffee. Then a quick family meal and it was back home, jiggety jig. We got to play with our new camera this weekend (which is waterproof) which was cool...once I figure out how to get photos OFF it I'll post a few on my other blog.
It was over far too quickly. But it wasn't such a food fest like it normally is. I've found trips at the lake are a bit better Mum has given up her "eat eat eat" thing she's always had for us all. There aren't snacks out 24/7 anymore. There's fruit and tea and the odd cookie STAT, but nothing like the snackery on every free flat counter top that she usually has had. I know my Dad is trying to be more healthy (he has a quite the jelly belly on him) so she figures not having it out will curb the nibbling. I know it sure helped me, that's for sure :) I have no willpower so my usual solution at home is to just not have treats about and then I won't be tempted (and give in to said temptation). It reminded meto continue to keep the treats out of the house...

It was so nice to see my Mum and Dad. They're both keeping busy and my Mum, who has some fairly major heart problems, has finally found a pace of life and gotten the medications she needs that makes her happy and full of energy...she was doing much better than she was last I saw her.
I heart my mum...

I did forget some work stuff up there...which made for me going in early to work today to do something AGAIN as I'd left the calculations up there and had to redo them all (boo)...but it's done now, and I'm here at work sniffling and sneezing as little as possible. As soon as I can I'm off home to bed to relax under the covers with some tea and nyquil...aahhh...

LATER: Screw the nyquil. Fiddling with my new camera is too much fun!
I've uploaded some pictures and video from the weekend.
Gaze in awe at my fishing skills.
Gasp in wonder at how my hair flies around in the fish boat...
Oh Yes...check it out...we are, indeed, all kinds of cool :)


Scrumpy said…
Wonderful pics, I love the one of you with the fish!

So glad your folks are doing well. It is hard to think of them as getting older, isn't it?

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