All that and a piece of pie

Well my pie filled world is slowing down finally. The fruit we brought back from BC was made into pies, which I and my family have been eating for a week or so. I have also gotten the cold J had last week, but it's my own fault - I kept sneaking kisses from a sickly guy...what are ya gonna do? I'm just going to medicate myself up and have a good weekend regardless...

This weekend we are heading up to the lake to visit my parents...I've saved a peach pie to take up for them and I'm looking forward to a weekend of swimming and hiking and BBQs (I have some steaks to take along...yum). I'm bringing up my snorkel and flippers...I can't wait to swim around the lake with J - since he's learned to swim a few years ago it's been great sharing all these things I've enjoyed doing since I was a kid with him...I'm hoping that someday he'll be comfortable enough under water that we can go somewhere and snorkel at coral reefs. We'll see. For now it's snorkel and look at minnows...I'll take it. Even fishing and canoeing are up for grabs now, as he's not spending his entire time freaked out that he might drown (that tended to suck out any enjoyment he's had from those things before). My doc said swimming might help my annoying knee heal up better...I'll see how it handles the swimming there. If it likes it I may do some swimming when we get back home for a while :). Starting September I'm declaring my rest period for my knee over and I want to jump back into things without mucking my knee up again. Hopefully slow and steady (plus starting up my bellydancing again) will do the trick.

My Mum and Dad have friends at the lake right now so it will make the visit a bit less hectic. My Dad is always worried that we aren't enjoying ourselves when we come up and is looking for things for use to do all the time. I'm just glad to see them...and be in one of my most favourite places on earth. We just go up to see them and relax. I love to swim and hike...pick berries with my the stars come out over the lake at night one by one...fiddle out in the shop with Dad and drink hot chocolate and play cards and dominoes until the wee hours.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to the weekend? :)
Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hiking, swimming, berry picking, enjoying your family and watching the stars come out sounds heavenly! Have a great time!