Mayday Mayday!

Yesterday was a gong show.
My hunger of ridiculous proportions lasted ALL DAY. This is rare for me, but I didn't handle it too well. At work was fine, as there was only the food I'd brought with me...When I got home I'd hoped a BBQ'd burger and some homemade potato salad would help...I still craved (and ate) popcorn when we went out to a movie later. All in all not a disaster, but I didn't like it.
There is nothing like feeling hungry all the time. Even after you've just eaten. It was ridiculous. I'm glad this doesn't happen to me every month or I'd undo my entire month's work of sanity each month.

I stepped on the scale this AM and it turns out I weigh the same as ever so I know I haven't done anything irreversible, and I am fine. I just do not like feeling out of control of myself like that. It was very unsettling. Like an addiction almost...not cool.

Thankfully this morning I awoke to normality. A little bowl of miniwheats and some coffee and I feel fine....back to it I suppose. Just a little sidetrack into insanity...but I"m back.

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HaleyBird said...

Oh, the hunger... I know about the hunger. Sometimes it feels like I'm possessed. Glad you're feeling normal again. :)