Good workout - but I'll need it :)

Well, my knee was a bit better this morning but still a bit stiff, so I hit the elliptical again - 41 minutes on resistance 2 and 15% elevation. i tried to push myself for 3 minute stints of going extra fast every few minutes to challenge myself. It got hard towards the end.
The robot in the elliptical says I burned 525 calories. Well lahdedah.

I had a nice breakfast of some cornflakes with half a banana and some apple juice and a cup of coffee. Then it was a bike to work (in the wind again...sigh).

Today will be a challenge to not leap off the wagon frothing madly - it's a potluck at lunch at work today - which is always awesome, as we have people from all over the world who bring such amazing food. THEN after work, it's a pizza party for all of us on our Alzheimer's fundraising team as a reward for being top team in the Walk this past year. Cool, but so much food. I will try and force myself to be good. I brought veggies and dip to the potluck so I'll try and fill up on healthy things and not go too crazy. I'm using this blog as a security guard - I'll have to tell you all about whether I kept it together or not - hopefully that will help me be good. I can have willpower over food I don't really care about, but all this good stuff? ...well, I *like* food. I worked out today to help me keep focused...hopefully I can keep myself from "just a little bit"ting myself into calorie oblivion!

Courage. :)

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Miz said...


Id have been sad were you to leap&leave.

xo xo,

The Wagon