It's that time again...


Oh, but I feel lousy today - it's the start of *that* time...cranky, headachy and all that good stuff. I was up super late last night, so I'm very tired as well. I didn't work out this morning, as my head was pounding, and today I also took the bus to work, as I am meeting my brother after work for supper and can't leave my bike anywhere. Not great, but honestly, I couldn't have worked out this morning without my head splitting in 2. Maybe I'll see if he wants to go for a walk after...I should feel less icky by the evening...this is always a short term things for me.

Yesterday I did pretty good - the potluck (thankfully) was mostly healthy foods and largely salads this time. I had lots of different salads and veggies and fruit only 1 small piece of rice krispie cake. I didn't eat too much either. I managed to not go too crazy at the pizza party either. I had 4 pieces of pizza. Admittedly I could have stopped at less, but there were 4 had to try each one? Yeah that's it :) Pretty lame excuse I know...but I could have eaten a LOT more and I didn't. I sipped my diet pop and just hung out.

Later while burning the midnight oil digging out and scanning photos for a family anniversary slideshow this weekend I didn't snack - all I had was a glass of apple juice. So, all in all, not too bad, considering I was in full on PMS eat everything I see mode yesterday. I honestly could have eaten and nibbled non stop all day...some months are worse that others...this one was a challenge - but I think I managed to fight it off.

I noticed something tho - my taste in "dips" has changed. I am baffled by the current thing of offering dips with your pizza - if pizza is that bad, why buy it? The pizza we had was AWESOME, but there was still dips- one was (blech) ranch dressing. My mum-in-law and sis-in-law went on and on about how great it was...and that they dipped fries in it too. I recall (back in my larger days) that I'd dip all kinds of things in ranch dressing and liked it, but now? I find it oily and very bland. I prefer salsa or hummus or something more flavourful...and I don't ever feel the urge to dip my pizza in anything. When they asked me this I said this, and they looked at me like I was somehow lecturing them about eating healthy. I wasn't - heck I was stuffing my face with pizza! Still tho - if you dip everything in something else, how do you taste it? I still love food, but I've sworn that whatever I put in my mouth (and yes there is a lot of it :) ) will be healthy nd delicious foods that I like...that I do not have to drown in something to make it taste good. Now I have to say that a few things in life still require ketchup - tunafish sandwiches and burgers and the odd fry. But ranch dressing...? Not anymore. I'd rather make onion dip with low salt onion soup mix and fat free sour cream...yummers. Ranch is just so...bland. Tastes sort of like an edible oil product now. Like cheese whiz VS regular cheese... Am I alone on this?

Anyways, I'm ranting off my headache, so I'll stop. I must get to work...hopefully this headache will fade as the day goes on. Tomorrow will be a more exercisey day. Today...I shall survive :) Have a good day all!


Dr. J said...

Thanks for your response on Cranky Fitness about caring animal research.

Merry said...

I really appreciated that too :)

Sorry to say I'm not familiar with the idea of using dips with pizza. That's in the category of It Just Sounds Wrong.

Hope the TOM is better tomorrow!

Miz said...

count me in as never hearing of pizza dips.

count me in in now thinking BUT HUMMUS? and PIZZA? that mightcould be great!