It was a nice weekend. Jay and I went for a long romantic walk saturday - 3 hours along the river, stopping at a little place by the river for a rootbeer float. The weather was finally nice this weekend so we enjoyed the evening together. Sunday we went for a shorter walk, as I had a bunch of errands to look after, but all in all it was a nice relaxing weekend. We got some yardwork done too which is nice - our new neighbors are going insane on their yard, so it's making us do a bitmore jsut to sort of look like we're trying :)

My knee has an odd muscle sore in the back of it since I did my new DVD (I think I need to stretch out more after), and so instead of running this morning like I'd planned, I played it nice and went on the elliptical instead for 40 minutes at 15% incline and resistance 2. I went at a steady pace and it felt really good. My knee wasn't aggrivated (well any more than it is now) and I did a lot of stretches before and after to try and get the muscles in my knees and legs to relax, and then did 100 situps before hitting the shower. I squeezed in a quick breakfast and hopped on the bike to come to work.

It's a beautiful day so far - sunny with no wind. I can't wait to see how today unfolds :)

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