Taken advantage of

Yesterday was long, after class I got home and mede some muffins and stayed up to see J. Whenever he works nights I don't get to see him at all...so I was up way too late last night. This morning I slept in so I could be awake for my lab work. I do believe I'll workout after a nap when I get home tonight.

On a different topic, I'm a little miffed at my instructor at the moment - we (OK J)taped the recital so we could all have a copy of it to keep...and from what I've heard I think she is wanting to sell the DVD for profit to people. I am not OK with this. J is not either - I don't want to be a jerk about it, but seeing as J borrowed gear to tape it, *he* gets a bad rep if others profit off it. Plus, that was never the deal. It was just a private thing for our own memory. We did not offer to do this for her to make $$ off of. She should have paid real people to shoot it and then had people make menus and a real DVD then. Plus there's the whole copyright thing with the music and choreographies on the performances. I'm unsure how to drive that point home to her. We all signed waivers to be on the DVD so that we all knew we could show it to family and such with no worries, but I know I didn't sign up for being a profitable product. I feel rather taken advantage of...and think I may just burn copies for those of use in the troupe and walk away. I don't' want to be a jerk and just not give it to anyone, but I don't like being tricked or taken advantage of. Right now it looks like that was what has happened....grrr. A bit of a bad taste from a good event.


Haley said...

Oh, that blows! You are definitly not the jerk in this situation -- don't feel badly about walking away.

Redbush said...

I agree with you, definitely! A jerk you're not, but she is! I mean there should never be any money made of something that was only intended for memories! Double grrrrrr!

Cynthia said...

I don't think you are being a jerk, I'd walk away from this too. And fast! Bummer!

Well, try not to let it sour you on your successful recital. But yeah, GRRRR!