Friday sleep ins are good for the soul

No workout this morning. I stayed up and visited J when he got got off work (12) to see him and talk a bit as I miss him. I didn't get back to bed until about 2, so I slept in until 6:30 this morning. I'll definitely do my Bellydance DVD tonight - I'm looking forward to it. I'm feeling more awake than yesterday. Last night when I got home I had a massive headache from being so overtired and stressed out from some elaborate work I had to do in the lab wednesday and thursday (which thankfully went well), so I made supper and just laid down for most of the evening-I ended up napping a bit until it faded. Then I could catch up on some chores, particularly eradicating the little damn flies that are in some of our plants. I tried some pet safe insecticidal soap...hope it works. I'm tired of little tiny flies on some of the plants. They were starting to take over and visit the rest of the house, and I HATE bugs, so it had to be dealt with. We'll see how it goes...I'd rather not lose a few plants if I can help it.I'm glad his last nightshift is today. I hate when he's on nights - he doesn't like it so he's grumpy and we don't really see each other at all for a week. Boo to that.

I'm glad it's friday. I could use a weekend :)

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