Trusty purple ball

I slept like crap last night, waking up a lot, so I slept in a bit as I had a really complex experiment to to today at work (which went very well. Woo). I did get up at 6 and dug out the trusty old Exerball DVD workout...and found it surprisingly easy. It's shorter than I remember (only 20 minutes) but gives a good overall workout. Guess bellydancing *is* keeping my muscles in line. Even the pushups seemed simple.
Wahooo :)

Tonight is bellydance class again after all. My teacher offered to extend it for a month for those of us who wanted to another month of Arabic style dance classes, before she (*sniff*) moves away and I have to find another teacher.

And the snow is melting...he hee. I see people out running already. Once the ice is at a "not kill myself" stage and the weather is above ) in the mornings my lungs won't squeak and I will be out there too...can't wait!

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