Shake it like the shakey shakey shaker

I managed to get up and do my ball DVD this hard not to sleep in!
I had a nice weekend...lots of fun, not much useful stuff done: went to a play, saw a band, got the car ready for spring. I did however get to spend lots of time with J...after him being on nights for a week it was good to see him. That was nice :)

As a side note, my friend taped a shaky recording of my bellydance solo. He posted it on his blog...should anyone care to go see it. A few friends have been asking about it so I thought I'd post the link - by no means am I asking you to go watch it...just FYI for those who wanted to know.
The Shining Path: Shake Yo' Rump-ah!

It was interesting to watch as it was rather all a blur for me. I still have a few things to work on, but overall I think it went pretty good :)

Must go. Lots to do.
Bye :)


carla said...

LOVED the video---thanks for linking it (wanted to comment here not there so youd see...)

Geosomin said...

Thanks :)

Haley said...


That's awesome! Love the video -- you were great! I wish I had such cajones...and such hips!

OK, I need to find a belly dance class around here pronto...