Celebrate good times come on

Let's celebrate...

Man. My friend who this month has gotten engaged and had a great birthday shindig over the weekend, just bought a house last night too. It's beena good month for her :) As her man was away for a few days, she and I hung out and celebrated with some Tomb Raider, repeated looking up of photos and mls listings of her new house, giggling and (unfortunately) munching on things. I tried to convince myself that whole wheat taco chips would be better in the salsa..heh heh. Nice try...I did walk home from work and made yummy healthy egg salad wraps for supper, but I sort of negated all that with the celebratory nachos later on. It didn't help that my loving J accidentally turned off my alarm this morning so I didn't get up in time to work out so I'm just feeling a bit off the whole program...just not feeling entirely like I'm doing myself any favours. A few times is fun...can't let this be a habit. Nope. Enough of that...
I've dug out my willpower hat. I'll have to wear it for a while now. If I have to add ribbons to it to tie the damn thing onto my head to fight the wind I will :)

I've noticed that I (and most of my friends) tend to celebrate with food...we seem to keep the unhealthy stuff for times of happiness and splurge in times of joy. I don't know as that's bad...but when life is good for extended periods of time it ends up being not so good :) I've been rather buff as of late, so I can feel any creeping poundage. Let's me feel like I can do this without consequence. Luckily, I bet (hope) it won't take much more than a week of being good to undo my damage. Not having a recital to frantically practice for has sort of taken the urgency out of my workouts.

Luckily the paths to work are dry so I can start biking to work as soon as I get my bike tires pumped back up...that should help, as well as give me a whole extra half hour in the mornings to play with exercise wise. I'm looking forward to it. AND once we are back from May holidays the running can begin...I can't wait!
Aaaaaaccentuate the positive...


Haley said…
Back in the saddle again!

Hmmm... I want a willpower hat. Can I get the kind that holds two cans of beer attached with tubes?
Geosomin said…
It comes with a free twinkie :)

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