I can see the wagon peeking over the hill

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Yup. I not only fell off the wagon this weekend I ran away from it madly screaming while flapping my arms :)

It was OK on friday - went out for a big supper of vietnamese food...not the end of the world. Then Saturday, my friend had a birthday party - so I drank and nibbled my way through a tonne of greasy pub munchies and red ale. And after at my brother's had ice cream...then sunday morning I woke up to go out for dinner with my parents...and had soup, salad and then Souvlaki...then went to my niece's birthday party where there was no end of delicious snackery, beer, coffee and (of course) birthday cake-*ice cream* birthday cake... We got home around supper and I just drank tea the rest of the day - I honestly couldn't have eaten another thing if I tried. Blech. Full to the point of uncomfort...J did well. He didn't nibble at the party at all...but then they guys were in the living room watching golf. I was talking to my sis-in-law and playing with my neices in the kitchen...you know, right by the food? :)

This is one of the reasons why I don't keep munchables and unhealthy stuff in my house - I can refuse it when it isn't there, but if it is in front of me? It goes in my mouth. I have willpower, but not *that* much...The food was delicious. I enjoyed it and didn't snarf it emptily or without appropriate groany yummy noises, but it was definitely way too much - this morning I still felt all sluggish and blechy. I got up and did my yoga/bellydance DVD and had a healthy bowl of granola - this week is eat very healthy and clean...I feel like I don't need to eat out again for months and months...

Ah well. Today is a new day - and the start of a new week. I can see the wagon just over the hill there so I' on my way back to it, to dust it off and hop back onto it again. Such is life :)

Hope you had a more healthy weekend than I did :)

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Haley said...

Welcome to the land of post-weekend regret -- I've been living here for several months and it's really a lovely place full of pretty fires and buff men holding pitchforks... and slices of pie...

Glad to hear you're turning it around -- just think of it as a minor bump in the ongoing journey of hotness.