Fibre and bike prep

In keeping with my "hats on" stay on the wagon motif here at Casa Geo, this morning I got up at 5:15 and did my dance fusion DVD workout...I even had time for the full cool down stretch (this DVD has a great cooldown section) and a great bowl of Weetabix Crispy Flakes mixed cereal...not the boring chunky bricks of Weetabix (truly the foulest most gross cereal ever made once you add milk...) but this weird fusion cereal they have recently put out. I'm trying to find cereals with less sugar (the Kashi granola mixes are tasty but very sweet) and this has lots of different things in it and way less sugar and more fibre...cuz I suppose that's a good thing. Tasty too..not boring and bland like allbran. Does it mean I'm old if I eat more fibre?
Hope not...

Last night I cleaned off my bike and helmet and walked her over to the air pump. I am now all ready to ride my bike to work again - Squeee! Today is bellydance class so I have to bus it, but tomorrow morning I'll have a whole extra half an hour to play with...and I'll get to ride to work on my bike. I can't wait. Even when it's windy it's still a great way to start the day. The pelicans are back on the river...I've seen the first pair, so more will come...watching them fish by the weir as the sun sparkles in the morning over the river makes me all squeaky happy. I'm really looking forward to it all. With the added bonus that it can only make me healthier...:)

Happy day everyone!

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Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

Just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say hello! I look forward to reading more posts!