Long Day

Yesterday ended up long and annoying. I'm trying to take video from 2 miniDVDs and combine them. I tried everything. I have officially given up. Everyone is getting two DVDs of the recital practice, as I've wasted enough of my life trying to fix it. I spent (I'm not kidding) 10 hours trying to yesterday to get the video into a format I can use...I have a lot of glitchy and unsynced video. No good to me...I just didn't want to have to burn the 2 DVDs for everyone in the practice to watch themselves, but that is what they will get. For my sanity and theirs... it's funny (well not ha ha funny) because my husband shoots and edits video for a living so we have all the stuff to edit video and burn , so I figured it would be a cinch. Well, as it turns out no...not in this format, or with this particular camera...and all our kit was broken so I had to borrow this camera...but I'm getting annoyed again just typing this, so I'll stop... suffice it to say, I'm done with that.

This morning I got up before my clock at 5:45, and figured I would work out but spent time (in a final last ditch effort) fighting with my computer and gathering things up and making lunches for my long day (which I usually do the night before) so I didn't get in my ball DVD. I have bellydance class tonight and don't get back home before then, and am going to my brother's for supper so it will be a full night. The class will be some exercise so I don't feel too bad, but I really was hoping to get something in. Ah well...won't beat myself up about it.

I feel pleasantly stiff from yesterday's workout, so I know I pushed myself...that is nice.
And I did have breakfast. I had some leftover oatmeal pancakes in the freezer so I had 3 small ones with a bit of syrup...yummy.
Now off for a busy busy day.
Have a good one :)

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