Tahini on toast

Last night class was good. It was so cold (-30ish) that only 8 of us showed, so there was a lot of space. We got a lot of individual attention and it was fun. I got home in time to start burning DVDs for everyone in the recital. I gave up trying to combine them, so there are 2 each, for 16 people. Whew! I am a DVD factory :). I have our main old computer and my laptop churning them out...I want to have them done for friday's practice so I can give them out and then be done with them. Should be no problem...

I crawled out of bed this morning at 5:15 (meh) and did my dance fusion workout again, plus the cooldown. It was painfully early, but the 2 workouts together are about an hour, and this morning I wasn't rushed, and even had time for a long relaxing shower and some toast with tahini and a banana on it, without worrying if I'd miss my bus. I'm starting to get most of the movements down in the workout, so I don't feel as flailey as I did before. It's a lot of fun...and new, so it keeps my interest. I need that...and it feels good to work out again.

Tahini is a relatively new discovery for me. I grew up in a tiny farming town on the prairies so stuff like tahini and anything foreign (other than some canadianized chinese food) was unknown to me. Even fairly normal things like curry and jasmine tea wer eunknowns to me until I went to university and discovered a whole world of food (and promptly got even bigger :) ). As I've slimmed down and gotten healthy, I've looked for healthy new alternatives. Having a subscription to the Vegetarian Times and a few vegan cookbooks (How it all Vegan and Veganomicon) have opened my eyes to a whole bunch of different foods I knew nothing about and shown me how to make them properly. I'm not a veggie (yet) but I find the recipes are so much more varied and tasty - not just some meat with some starch...and I've managed to find healthy yummy things, and having so many foods to draw from makes it so much better to eat healthy and cook from scratch. Awesome things like sesame and almond kanten, babaganoush and mataar paneer. Discovering new foods is cool :) It's making me even more of a foodie than I used to be, but I don't feel cheated, as there's so much healthy food to choose from...how did I get on this? Oh yeah-tahini. I am not a fan of peanut butter, but everyone keeps going on about how PB and bananas are so good on toast. I felt denied...but no more. Now i can have my multigrain toast with tahini, a bit of honey and a banana on it...it is my new favourite breakfast/supper/lazy lunch. Mmmmm.
I must be off. Much to do. Have a good day...


Haley said…
I love discovering new foods too -- browsing health food stores or ethnic groceries is my idea of an excellent saturday afternoon. :)
Donn Coppens said…
Not a Veggie yet eh?

I make all the meals so I am trying to load us up with lots of plants but I have no intention of abandoning the red meat that we scavenged out on the African Savannah that gave our species the extra protein which allowed our brains to grow complex enough to invent new ways to kill our neighbours and get ahead in life.

Food is getting so expensive. If only we could survive on Klik, Koolaid and KD?
Scrumpy's Baker said…
Use some of that tahini to make your own hummus! It is incredibly easy and delicious.
Arabella said…
Tahini is gorgeous, isn't it? Then I go and spoil it by spreading it on top of hot buttered toast already smeared with Marmite. Yum.

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