Sometimes you feel like a nut...

All weekend I felt tired and a bit asthma was acting up in full force for some reason, and I kept waking up and having to use my inhaler in the night. I was tired too...I think I was fighting something off. I don't really know what was up, but in an attempt to do something good for me I did go through my new bellydance yoga DVD on friday, as I couldn't have done any real lungs wouldn't have put up with it. They were doing that awful gurgle thing they do sometimes...not cool. Because I felt mopey I also drank some beer on the weekend in a pity party. I have to watch that - empty (but oh so tasty) calories...honey brown temptation begone!
The yoga was nice. It turns out it is more of a 25 minute stretch warm up for bellydance section and then there is a 15 minute cooldown for the end of the dance drills. I did the warm up and cool down together and it was a nice stretch out and toning for the morning. I felt like I'd done something. I'd had it in my head to be a longer workout, but there is 75 minutes of bellydance drills to try out, so I can't be too disappointed - that is for another morning. I'd had more of a yoga thing in mind, but I'm sure I can find another yoga DVD. I'm doing good to not tip over so far :)

Monday, my lungs were still a bit squeaky and I still felt a bit rough and ragged so I just slept in. It did me good. I had a long tricky day at work and I made it through eating healthily, and then was off to my tribal class. It was a good class with a lot of arm work and shimmy drilling and we did a bit more dancing in a group. I still felt a bit weak, but I tried hard - I pushed my arms in the drills to the point of exhaustion and worked hard to get the taximes and shimmy's in proper form. I even made it home in time to bake a few banana nut muffins. I threw in some wheat germ for a bit of fibre - yummers.

This morning, I finally had a nice night of sleep with no squeaks or inhalers, and was up like a light bulb at 5:25 feeling pretty damn good. I did the long dance fusion workout on the Shakra DVD and the cooldown and even had time for a nice bowl of what I think is the best granola ever. EVER. And I like me my granola...I'm all over this stuff. Kashi Mountain Medly Granola has lots of different nuts and some dried cranberries and coconut...I'm not even a huge coconut fan, but wow. Tasty! You should try some.

Now it's off to the lab...lots to do! I just wanted to be sure I logged this workout. Being accountable to the universe helps keep me at it, and I need to be back at this - it feels so good :)

Have a good day all you out there in the universe! :)

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Cynthia said...

Good job getting the yoga done even when you weren't feeling top notch! That granola does look yummy. I like Kashi products generally, so I may have to look for it.