Fun at Tribal

You know, I really should be sore today.
Last night at Tribal class it was largely hip shimmy's and twists and tribal snake arms for 80% of the class. These movements, when done right, use specific muscles on your butt, thighs and the tops of your arms...ones you don't' really use normally. So they let you know they're annoyed at being woken up. I could feel them burn as I did them. I did the tribal arms until I simply couldn't was like doing reps until your muscles are totally fatigued. The shimmy's were fun, as we kept building on them and layering them and doing them faster and faster, but those muscles were fatiguing by the end of class too. The teacher for this class is full of energy and a great instructor. She really breaks down moves and works us through them so we learn them properly - and then has us drill them until our muscles and brain figure them out and tuck them away in memory, so when we practice them later we'll have them in there somewhere to pull back out, dust off and improve upon. She works us hard enough we can feel it - and so we get better. It's like the whole wax on wax off're training your muscles to do new things, and eventually they just do them on their own. Proper initial training makes all the difference.

We also learned the basics of dancing in a trio group and how to switch positions. I like the idea of dancing in a group...makes it more interactive. There's still a bit of a solo element, as whoever is in the front position dictates the moves of the rest, but it's all very cool. A few ladies were nervous about being in lead position, but I hope it's a real confidence booster for a lot of us...I know I'm having fun.

And (me hee) my teacher is going to sell me a set of student zills (finger cymbols) next month. I've wanted a set of those since I was a kid, but wanted good ones...and she has some for $20. I can't wait...I hope I don't drive my husband nuts with them...then I can learn how to use them. Kewl.

Today I can feel the neat tingley feeling that I used my muscles, but I'm not sore...despite being exhausted last night by the time I headed for bed. I was going to get up and work out this morning, but my poor dear J is sick (again) with a wicked cold that came on him rather suddenly yesterday. So he didn't sleep much last night...and truth be told, I didn't much either from all the tossing and turning and sighing and coughing. I suppose it's payback from when I was sick.
We can't figure out if he made me sick and then I made him sick back, or if he caught a cold from a friend when we were over playing cards at their place on friday night. Either way...poor guy is really sick. I'm trying to stay away and not get it, but I'm sure I will...ah winter. It's plague season...enough to make me into a bit of a hypochondriac.

Much to do today, but I'm looking forward to rehearsing my solo after work, doing some stuff around the horse and tending to the sicko.


Marste said…
Sorry to hear about the sickness. Yuck.

But that dance class sounds like SO MUCH FUN. I love classes like that, with specific movements and drills and all that. I loved dancing, and I love martial arts for the same reason.

Congratulations on not being as sore as you expected; I'm always excited when that happens, because I figure it means I'm getting stronger!
Glad you're feeling a bit better, and hope you enjoy your new finger cymbals. Sounds kinda fun even without the dancing to go with them!

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