Elixer of life

I work with an amazing lady who is almost 45 but looks younger than me (*cough* 29? *cough*). She runs regularly and plays tennis 3 times a week, along with drinking what she calls the elixer of life every day. In my attempt to fend off the plague I made up some yesterday and am drinking 750 mL every day to see if I suddenly reverse the aging process or get new mental superhero abilities...or something.

It's simple to make- take 6 L water and boil it in a big pot. Add 1 bag frozen cranberries (~2 c) and boil them until the skins pop-about 4 minutes (it sounds really odd when they pop). Then turn off the heat and toss in 2 bags of green tea and let the whole mess cool to room temp. Blend it up and strain out the seeds and skins by pouring it thru a seive and cool it in the fridge. Add some honey or sugar to taste before you drink it as it's pretty damn tart. It's full of antioxidants and vitamins, and even has a bit of caffeine...like a health drink. Kind of.
I'm drinking some right now. It's good. I love green tea and I love cranberries, so it's right up my alley. My husband made a funny face when he looked at it, but he hates cranberries...all the more for me. (He'll regret it when I look half his age. Bwaha!)

I can feel it working already...I think :)


Haley said…
Oooo...that sounds up my ally -- I love cranberries. If I weren't in my spending freeze I'd run out and buy a bag.

I'm assuming you don't blend the little bags of green tea as well, yes? Although, maybe that's part of the magic...?
Geosomin said…
Oh yeah - you take the bags out first :) I forgot that ...
Cynthia said…
That sounds good! I love green tea and I love cranberries! I guess I'll have to look and see if I can find any frozen cranberries at the store, otherwise I'll have to wait until they are in season, sigh...

Bet it would be great with leaf tea too! And in my Vita-Mix, I doubt I'd need to strain seeds, they'd just disappear, skins likewise. So I'd have fiber too.

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