Cardio time!

Wella wella well. I do believe I'm not sick anymore. Thanks for the kind thoughts and interesting cure suggestions. Lets just say they all worked...

I'm finally back to my old self and have had a busy week of belly dance practice and sewing costumes for the belly dancing. Our recital is the end of March, but we're having a dress run through this last week was a lot of late night sewing and some weekend joint sewing costume days we're pretty much set that way. I still have some practicing to do, but I'm feeling so much better, that I'm excited about it. It was all quite exhausting actually, and I'm glad to have slowed down a little bit on the weekend. Sleeping in saturday was FANTASTIC. I even read a book. I *know*. S o good...

I'm also getting hyped about running again. Usually this time of year I have the cabin fever what with the winter keeping us all inside like lab mice, but this year is different...I'm getting out a lot for the belly dancing, so I just feel like I should be doing more exercising - which is probably right. I'm getting wicked muscle tone in my abs and upper body from belly dancing, but my cardio has been pretty much nonexistent since the holidays.
Yesterday there was the Brainsport "Crazy People Winter Marathon" (OK, so it's my name for it) where a bunch of people run a route in the middle of winter. I saw a bunch of them running over the bridge happily as I drove to belly dancing and I thought "I want to run now".

So I suppose I'd better get back at the cardio. I haven't received my dance cardio DVD yet, but I am hyped at doing the elliptical again and getting back into basic shape, so that come snow melting time I can start up the running program again. I'd like to try and do 10K this year. My lungs can't do cold weather running, but there is no reason I can't do things indoors. I'm loving the belly dancing - it's a lot of fun, but nothing beats the heart pumping endorphin blasting of sweet sweet cardio.

Starting tomorrow it is cardio time. I can't wait.

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Haley said...

Glad you're feeling better! Keep on shimmying!