Skinny jiggles

I had bellydance rehearsal again last night...I have to practice more...OK I have to practice.
I know the moves, jut not the order of them all, and this will not do.

The instructor did correct my form last night, and that should make my knees happier...less twinges, as it turns out my legs were too far apart, making too much twisting on the knees...good news. The other thing that made me grin was the instructor told me to eggagerate my hip swings, as I was "too skinny" and had to make the motions larger for them to show up more.
Too skinny.
Hee hee.
I know. I know. But bellydancing is one thing where having some jiggle isn't so bad...
It's nice to hear tho :)
I *do* however have to relearn a lot of movements in a new way tho. I am developing a lot of abdominal strength from all's cool :)


RunToFinish said...

oh too skinny that's always fun to hear!

RunToFinish said...

I'll throw you on the list for HBBC!

Haley said...

Too skinny! Rock on!