Hopping on and off the wagon

Heh...when it's cold I hibernate. While I enjoy this, it generally means I bake a lot, drink tea and do very little other than snuggle under blankets to read or watch films.
This weekend it was ~-29°C plus severe wind, so we did not go outside for anything. We got everything we needed friday on the way home to last the whole weekend. We just stayed indoors.
I confess I didn't work out at all...I did some sewing prep for gifts, baked eggnog cookies (they rock) and pumpkin pie. Which I then had for breakfast. Oh and there were also grandma's homemade farmer sausage perogies in there too.
You can see where this all went can't you?
Yes, despite how gloriously slacking this weekend I must get back on with it. I didn't workout this morning as I was tired from staying up late to finish watching a movie, but my lungs seem to finally be on the mend, so I'm going to do my ball DVD when I get home from work...think I'll make a bake in the oven for an hour supper and have a good workout before I eat...Lazy is fun, but I feel like a blurb today, so I will hop back into it and have a good day. I've got healthy meals all day so I'm back on the wagon. Tomorrow, it's the elliptical. I do believe my lungs can finally handle it again.

Have a good day all!


MizFit said…
totally builds up the quads.

that wagon hopping I mean :)
Haley said…
Eggnog cookies...? I am intrigued...tell me more... :)
RunToFinish said…
agreed on the eggnog cookies.

Winter is hard for me because I want to do nothing, but find I eat everything. :)

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