More paint, less squeak

A bit less squeak today, but a bit more couchy gurgle and *lots* more tired, so I slept in a bit. Today is a go all day til 10 PM day and I was up last night late finishing painting...then I made some muffins...and shovelled the snow while they cooled. Itwas midnight before bed came. So yeah...the extra 30 minutes of sleep hit the spot.

BUT, with any luck the painting is done (I nearly ran out of green paint on the last wall and had to get a bit skimpy by the end so I hope it looks OK in daylight-there's no light fixture at the mo in there so I'm painting by shoplight...seemed OK, but hard to tell). I was thinking this morning that perhaps without a constant daily dose of paint fumes (it's been a coat of paint a day for almost 2 weeks) my lungs will be more happy. You never know...

Off to the world.

Bye :)


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