squeak squeak

This morning my lungs were still in craptastic shape, so I didn't exercise. I could have gone slow on the elliptical I suppose...it just didn't seem like a good idea, so I drank some milk and pet the cat instead. If the old lungbags don't start getting better with the help of my old steroid inhaler I'll be seeing someone thursday...it's frustrating, as I'm not sick...I just squeak like an old lady with emphysema at times.
I'm going to push myself to get the room I'm renovating painted tonight and then move into the fun of christmas stuff - I'm making lots of gifts this year and I need to get started.


Haley said...

Pfttt...you're not nearly busy enough...I'm a'gonna tag you for a meme in a couple minutes. :)

Donn Coppens said...

You don't suppose that inhaling atomospheric elements that are the same temperature as they would be on Pluto has anything to do with it?

Remember to do the trim first, it's easier to cut in after.
You're welcome.