Tired me

This morning's work out was not my ball DVD, but a frantic twitch session of a few hundred situps and sidecrunches and 15 lunges (each side) and 20 squats.
It was a fun night... Our dual alarm clock is now f*cked, so J tried to take it apart to fix it yesterday, as it is now permanently going off every morning at 4:25 AM (when J gets up for work)...annoying on the weekends. Plus it can't be changed...so it's not that useful. He didn't take out the battery when deisassembling it, so this morning at 4:25 I got to play find where the damn clock is in the house...and was annoyed and awake once I turned it off. Then, J said, "reset the spare alarm for 5...I'm tired" (we'd stayed up far too late watching The Prestige). So I did, and barely managed to go to sleep before it went off. Then I reset it for 5:45 (when I was going to get up and work out)....and just barely got to sleep when J came to kiss me goodbye, a full 10 minutes before I was going to get up...so again...no sleep...so, as a result I was so tired I hit snooze a few times in my sleep once I *did* fall asleep for a bit and was nearly late for work, as I was going in 40 minutes early to get a super long project done.
So yeah...I had 10 minutes to work out.
So I made the best of it, stocked up on caffeine and came in to work.
I suppose it's better than nothing...

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