Stuff and things and stuff

I had a bunch of errands to run this morning, as well as all last evening (I kid you not, I was home a total of 45 minutes to shove food in my mouth and was out all evening again until 11. This morning, to get all my stuff done and get in to work early I just got up and did what needed to be done, did some housework and got my sh*t together instead of working out. I did have breakfast though. I'm pathetic at this aren't I?
As of December I do believe I must exercise every day or all of you in blogtown can come over to my house and point at me and say "SHAME". It would work for me. I'm ubershy. Plus I like you guys...
Tonight - a swinging friday of more painting...woo. I'm sort of glad hubs is sick, as I can get the painting finished off this weekend. I do miss hanging out with him tho - I've stayed my distance to avoid the far so good. It's the last weekend of nothing much before holiday madness descends and we have stuff every waking moment. I want to get organised a bit and not let it all collapse around me.
I decided to sew some christmas presents I'll have to cram that in somewhere. It's some baby stuff you can't buy anymore, so I'll make them. Should be fun.
Y'know, I do this to myself all the time. I do more, sleep less, and then sleep in and cut out exercise to get by. That's why I want a bit of a plan for things next month...exercise has to be important too, right?

On the upside, I have now stupidly/excitedly committed to doing 3 bellydance routines on valentines day (one is a solo...eep), so I'll have to do about 1/2 hour of practice a day to get them right. I still haven't even learned my solo yet. Eep. First lesson for it is sunday night...

Gotta run...breaks over :)

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