Dangfound these new discombobulators...

Went for a long hike in the woods on sunday - it was nice. And I did lots of bellydancing, so that counts too...it was enough to make my bum and legs rather stiff...I must find more bummy stretches.
This morning, we had a new dual alarm clock to wake us up...well J up.
I'm beginning to think I have some sort of curse. First I set both alarms, then set our old as back up...and then when the alarm went off for J this morning I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't turn off...well I was trying to turn off the wrong clock...the backup clock rang for a few minutes after I turned off the new one, until I woke up long enough to figure out what the deal was and turned it off too. And the thing is...I turned off the other alarms for me then. Luckily my cat walked over me for food, so I was up and off to work on time, no prob, but no time for a full 40 minute workout like I'd planned. Tonight I plan lots of bellydancing and painting, and (knock on wood) now that I have our new clockamajig figured out, tomorrow AM is for cardio.
Ya think?
Wish me luck...

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Donn Coppens said...

I loathe clocks..like I need a reminder that I am aging at 60 seconds a minute?

You can come over and defend your smarty cat at my place.

wv was hybraind..I am so glad they switched back to pseudo-words aren't you?