Chaos in Time Square

Again with the wrong time thing...
We need another clock. Stat. Luckily my cat walked across my head in time for me to make the bus no problem...but I am not into this at all. I've gotten too used to having 2 alarms...we must replace the broken one before my ass expands...I liked the sleep as today is going to be byusy and looooooooooooooooooooong, but I would've liked a workout too. At least I have a bellydance rehearsal tonight, along with lots of errands and fooling around int he fabric store...I think I'll make my 2 new little neices some stuff for christmas...cuz, y'know, I'm totally not busy or anything :)
I'm finding that last year, making gifts as we were broke from being on strike has made me rethink gifts. Again, this year, I want to bake, sew and make "recipes in a jar" for stuff I actually put thought into. I don't care if anyone buys me a thing...all I really need is a set of new earphones for my iPod as my old set just died...I think I can swing that myself.
I like that american thanksgiving happens right when this canadian starts to get annoyed and cynical with commercial holidays...makes me remember the important stuff and gives me courage to try and deal with the holidays. I'm doing things that are a gift to painting the room in our house...should hopefully be done by middle of next week... :)

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