The horror. The horror.

Preserve's starting already.
The baking...the holiday baking.

I have a strong willpower usually...I am not one who likes sweets (I'm a crunchy salty snacker) and usually my only weaknesses at the holidays are my Mum's homemade nuts and bolts mix, my Mum-in-laws white chocolate covored pretzels (she uses belgian chocolate people)...and shortbread. I love shortbread. For some reason the melt in your mouth buttery goodness cannot be denied...I don't eat a lot of it, but I cannot see it and not have one.


A senior researcher just stopped by my lab with a giant box of shortbread cookies for the lab. I tried to smile and gracefully take 1. "Take 2!" he said "My wife made them"...and I did...they were so good...I at them both.

I'm doomed.


Mr Coppens said...

I adore shortbread's like crack!
Despite the fact that eating it is the chemical equivalent of mainlining a couple hundred cc's of liquid butter into an artery, I don't give a tinker's cuss...
smack my bitch up foo!

Thanks for making salivate..damn!

Haley said...

I feel your pain, but I'm also a masochist -- I made peanut butter cookies last night. I don't know why. The BF's mother has started requesting the macaroons I made last year, and I'm putting my foot down that the real baking doesn't start until after Thanksgiving. I'm not on the department store schedule of Christmas before Halloween damnit!

Cynthia said...

I love shortbread! It's that buttery taste...

I too am more of a salty crunchy snacker, though I do also like sweets. But I think of, say, pancakes as a butter delivery system.

Whereas my hubby, who has a real sweet tooth, thinks of them as a syrup delivery system.