Did I work out this morning?
Hells no.
But I have a good reason (oh stop laughing...)
Yesterday the snow melted and it was sunny and pleasantish (~2 degrees) so I put on my gloves of power and became Yardgnome, defender of yards.
I used my mighty powers to trim up the hedges in the front yard, clear up the debris and then I raked the whole back and sides of the yard, as wella s along the hedge, while J winterised the car. AND we're nearly done operation clean sweep - just the computer area and the clutter in the kitchen...*and* I'm starting to repaint a bedroom this weekend, so I've been prepping that room.
It took me almost 3 hours and I confess that when I finished up I don't think I could have lifted an individual leaf, let alone worked out. There's a lot of leaves back there, and branches and such...and the leaves were mostly wet, making for some hard raking. I did a lot of stretching so I'm not really stiff today, but we were up very late visiting some family in town for the day, so I just could not drag my ass out a half an hour early to get in a workout.
Tomorrow tho - for real. I have been busy, honest!

Yardgnome Awaaaaaay!!!

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MizFit said...

hey girlfriend.
it's TOMORROW already.

Im just sayin'...