I can't hear you....

I did nothing all weekend but cook delicious food and eat it.
Oh dear.
I have my fingers in my ears so I can't hear you...lalalalalalala!

OK...I know.
I am eating well usually, and I've been at the yard and house...it's fall/spring/where the heck did I put that? cleaning at casa Geo.

And as of next week? I'm rocking the elliptical. I am determined to lose ~5 Lb by Christmas, as I know that if we are at my parent's over the holidays I'll likely gain 5 Lb over the holidays...so...um...that way I'll be null and void and the same as now come January.

Is this totally silly?


Scrumpy's Baker said...

Better to be the same than five pounds heavier! Seriously, the holidays are the reason I just joined WW. Having any kind of steady program (food and or exercising) around the holidays is a great idea.

Haley said...

Makes total sense to me...but I'm using peanut butter as a career tool, so maybe I shouldn't weigh in on this one...

Mr Coppens said...

It makes perfect sense...zero sum gain...neutrality.

My miraculous discovery has been to cut portions DUH drink lots of water DUH and increase exercise DUH.

This only took about 25 years.
If you look in Websters, you'll find a picture of me under Slow Learner...but better late than never.

MizFit said...

made me laugh outloud.