Ha HA!
This morning I *checked* my clock when I reset it after J got up for work (we only have 1 clock) so I actually got up at the right time and did my exerball DVD. Good stuff. And thanks to my emergency stash of good food at work I was ablt to have some toast before work.
I'm a bit miffed as the bellydance class I usually have tuesday nights was cancelled, but I have been painting a room this week...I'm counting it as core exercise :)
Tonight is white trim and that on the weekend I can make it green. Yay!
Gotta calls.


Haley said...

Dude, you are cranking out this painting! Color me impressed!

Geosomin said...

I just did the ceiling and primed a bookshelf tonight. Every family member I know called me tonight so I didn't get any trim painted...but that's OK...I can do 2 coats over the next few nights...then green on the weekend.