Heh...I feel like I am really slacking off. I'm going to develop this if I'm not careful :)
I did dance for 4 hours on thursday night and saturday night, but this morning I slept in instead of running, as I was exhausted. I had a busy busy weekend and stayed up most of saturday night dancing(beautiful sunrise!) and then had family obligations al sunday. Exhausted and stiff all friday and sunday with achy muscles, but it was fun. This morning I just couldn't get up to run...I stayed in my comfy bed another hour.
Bad. I know.
Tomorrow I *will* be up and running.
Otherwise me and the cat will have a lot in common :)


Haley said…
Hehehe...I love that picture. Why am I still so powerless to resist those damned lolcats???
Anonymous said…

I love the cat.


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